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A religious independent institution subject to the competent ecclesiastic laws related to the temporal funds for the church and religious waqef.

The “World Patriarchal Maronite Foundation for Integral Development” is a pious…
Vison, Mission & Objectives
To consolidate and strengthen the Maronite and Christian presence in Lebanon, ensuring that the…
Strategic plan
To realize its vision and objectives, the foundation has devised a clear and transparent strategy…

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WPF aims at launching developmental, social, economic and educational projects in order to promote the active Christian presence in Lebanon and the Middle East.

November 2018
Care Assistant Program
June 2016
Jabbouleh Project
February 2018
Ain Ebel Project

Latest Vacancies

An initiative of the community Employment Program to respond to the current dire need of considerable unemployment rate, and that by securing private sector employment for Lebanese Christians.

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Vacancies on a boat Duration 3 months -        Accounts…
Motorman - Welder - Roustabout
Vacancies on a boat Duration 3 months -       … Apply Now
Technicians - Radio Operator
Vacancies on a boat Duration 3 months -        Mechanic… Apply Now
Sailor - Offshore Coordinator
Vacancies on a boat Duration 3 months -      … Apply Now

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