Board of Trustees


Patriarch Al-Rahi
Patriarch Al-Rahi President
Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi is the 77th Maronite Patriarch of Antioch, and head of the Maronite Church, a position he has held since 15 March 2011, succeeding Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir. Rahi also holds the position of a Cardinal of the Catholic Church.
Mr. Salim Sfeir
Mr. Salim Sfeir Vice-President
Salim Sfeir is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Beirut Group (BSE ticker: BOB.BY). Mr. Sfeir is Executive Chairman of a number of financial sector and investment companies including International Century Corporation, BOB Finance, and Beirut Life among others. Download Biography
Mr. Maroun El Helou
Mr. Maroun El Helou Treasurer
Mr. Maroun el Helou is Founder & Chairman of Abniah Engineering and Contracting and Abniah for Development, a well-known Lebanese Contractor, Active Businessman, A Practical Politician, a Social Personality. Download Biography
Mr. Salim El Meouchi
Mr. Salim El Meouchi Secretary General
Salim El Meouchi is Badri & Salim El Meouchi Law Firm’s Senior Partner (one of the Middle-East’s leading regional firmsHe has been a member of the Beirut Bar since 1968. Download Biography
Mr. Antoine Azour
Mr. Antoine Azour Lebanon
Antoine AZOUR is the Chairman and CEO of BATCO Group. He has built his career as an Engineer & Contractor at the edge of competition in Lebanon, Gulf Region, Europe and Africa and has managed to put the companies under his leadership among the first ranked Regionally and Internationally. Download Biography
Mr. Antoine Wakim
Mr. Antoine Wakim Lebanon
Mr. Antoine Wakim was the former Chairman and CEO of Allianz SNA group MENA. In addition, Mr. Wakim serves as a Board Member of various universities and educational institutes, and Board Member of Allianz Group, Hopital Dieu de France and multiple Banks. Download Biography
Mr. Donald Roy Joseph Abed
Mr. Donald Roy Joseph Abed Lebanon
H.E. Sheikh Donald Roy Joseph Abed is the owner and founder of multiple companies in the Middle East and Africa. He has over forty years' working experience in establishing, owning and managing companies dealing in industrial catering, housekeeping, laundry, accommodation, hospitality and construction, among others. He is also the Honorary Consul of Sierra Leone in Lebanon. Download Biography
Mr. Elias Beainou
Mr. Elias Beainou Lebanon
Mr. Elias Ayoub Beainou holds Degrees in Administration, Commercial Sciences, as well as Accounting.
Mr. Beainou is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Ayoub Beainou & Sons Company, and he is the Vice-President of the council of Zouk Mikael Municipality.
Mr. Beainou is also a Member of the ICC “International Chamber of Commerce” - Lebanon Download Biography
Mr. Elias Doumet
Mr. Elias Doumet Lebanon
Mr. Elias Doumet is a renowned, wise and dynamic Lebanese businessman who, throughout his career, developed and diversified his activity, always trying to become the leader in each sector in which he invested. 
Mr. Doumet's field of activity is Electricity, Cables and Chemicals.  Download Biography
Mr. Firas Badra
Mr. Firas Badra Lebanon
Mr. Firas Badra is the Chairman and CEO of FB Green, a vertically integrated agri-business group that focuses on the development and management of large scale agricultural projects in Africa in addition to the trading and marketing of various commodities throughout the world. He is the founder and Chairman of GLB Invest. Download Biography
Mr. Jacques Sarraf
Mr. Jacques Sarraf Lebanon

Chairman of Malia Holding S.A.L, a multifaceted group of companies owning equity participation in six leading sectors including: Industries, Consumer Goods Distribution, Solutions, Fashion & Luxury, Engineering & Contracting and Hospitality & Real Estate. 

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Mr. Kamal Kai
Mr. Kamal Kai Lebanon
Mr. Kamal Kai is Businessman in a wide range of fields of business of trading and contracting through three companies Katraco, Kamalco and Katco. Download Biography
Mr. Nabil Bustros
Mr. Nabil Bustros Lebanon
Mr. Nar Khatchadourian
Mr. Nar Khatchadourian Lebanon

Mr. Khatchadourian is a partner in Belmark SARL and Carpet Plus SARL companies, which are specialized in flooring, industrial textile, house linen, home accesories and furniture for retail, wholesale and contracting businesses. 

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Mr. Riad Sakr
Mr. Riad Sakr Lebanon

Riad Sakr is Vice President for Administration and Finance at American University of Science and Technology. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's Degree in Business Administration and he is presently working on his Doctorate Degree in Management at the University of Lille 1 - France.  

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Mr. Selim El Zyr
Mr. Selim El Zyr Lebanon
Mr. Selim El Zyr, Vice Chairman of the Board of Rotana, co-founded the company in 1992 and served as its President and CEO until December 2013. As Vice Chairman, he now serves in an advisory role to the current executive team. Download Biography
Mr. Ziad Hawat
Mr. Ziad Hawat Lebanon
Mayor of Jbail, Ziad Hawat is an accomplished advocate for its citizens. He was sworn in as the city's Mayor on May 2010 upon record breaking number of votes in the history of the municipal elections in the city of Jbail.  Download Biography
Mr. Ziad Younes
Mr. Ziad Younes Lebanon

Mr. Ziad Younes is Chairman of BUTEC, a leading Lebanese and regional contracting company, founded in 1964.

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Mr. Amine Harb
Mr. Amine Harb Orlando Florida
Amine Harb, President of HARBCO, has over 25 years’ experience in the Construction, Engineering and Land Development Industry. He holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, a Professional Engineer license and is a certified General Contractor.

Actively supporting both his profession and community, Amine has served as President of different non-profit organizations.

Because of his dedication, Mr. Harb has received several awards and recognitions, including The Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great.

Amine, along with his wife Paula and three sons, resides in Orlando Florida
Mr. Elias Ayoub
Mr. Elias Ayoub USA-Los Angeles
Dr. Elias Ayoub is an ENT-otolaryngologist in Downey, California. He is President of the National Apostolate of Maronites (NAM) and is recipient of the National Catholic Doctor of the Year Award. Dr. Ayoub was knighted in the order of St. Gregory by the Vatican. Dr. Ayoub is dedicated to serving the historic Christian communities of the Arab world. Download Biography
Mr. Sarkis Nassif
Mr. Sarkis Nassif Australia