WPF Community Employment Office
WPF Public Jobs Preparation Program

Public Jobs Preparation Program

  • Guided by the need to support and encourage Lebanese Maronites and Christians to seek employment within the Public Sector and by the need for strong and adequate preparation to successfully compete for such employment The World Patriarchal Maronite Foundation for Integral Development has established the Public Job Preparation Program (PPP) in Partnership with the Notre Dame University-Louaize as a joint venture for cooperation on recruiting and training potential candidates for employment within the Public Sector.

    The program is based on enhancing the applicants to join the Public Sector and pass the exams of the Civil Service Council relevant to vacant positions in all categories, especially the third and fourth.


  • Joe Medawar

    ...then I heard about WPF and their employment office and decided to send them my CV [...] they called me back with several job vacancies from several companies, I choose the one that suited me the most and got hired!