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برنامج التمكين لدخول ملاك الدولة

تحصين...ليبقى التوازن

Guided by the need to support and encourage Lebanese Christians to seek employment within the Public Sector and by the need for strong and adequate preparation to successfully compete for such employment The World Patriarchal Maronite Foundation for Integral Development has established the Public Job Preparation Program (PPP) in Partnership with the Notre Dame University-Louaize as a joint venture for cooperation on recruiting and training potential candidates for employment within the Public Sector.

The program is based on enhancing the applicants to join the Public Sector and pass the exams of the Civil Service Council relevant to vacant positions in all categories, especially the third and fourth.

The Public Sector structure is based on employment categories that are subject to the competence of the applicant and not limited to political or religious affiliation.

However, the vulnerability of Christians is based on their inability to compete at entrance exams, which requires thorough knowledge on administrative information about the public sector.

Hence, the need to strengthen the capacity of Christians and interested candidates to engage in the public sector.


  • Sustainability and socio-economic stability;
  • Competence is the main foundation;
  • The possibility of promotion and progress in the public sector is related to competence, seniority or education level;
  • It is a Lifetime investment.


  • Enhancing the capacity of the Christians to increase their chances of successfully passing the entrance exams to the Public Sector for the most sought after categories;
  • Providing hands on and practical technical and informational support to ensure candidates’ success through strengthening mentoring and coaching our candidates.

Those wishing to register should meet the below criteria:


  • Age between 20 and 43;
  • Holding a university degree or equivalent or holding a Bachelor's degree;
  • Language Level equivalent to B2 in the European classification of foreign languages (European Framework for Languages).

Candidates wishing to apply to the program should:


  • Fill the application form at;
  • Pass the placement test for language and computer skills.
  • Provide the following documents:
    • Individual Status Record;
    • Recent Judicial Record;
    • Lebanese baccalaureate or equivalent;
    • University degrees or Equivalence of certificate if available.
For more information, please contact:

- World Patriarchal Maronite Foundation for Integral Development (WPF)
Phone: 01-493830 & E-mail:

Training Program:
The training program has an approximate number of 160 training sessions, delivered in two stages: