• 08 September

    Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    The Birth of the Virgin Mary, refers to a Christian feast day celebrating the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
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  • 06 September

    Saint Mikhael

    نتضرع اليك يا أمير الجنود السماوية لتحمينا من الشرور و تظلل ايامنا بنور الثالوث القدوس
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  • 21 August


    ‹الآن عرفت أنك تؤمن بي لانك لم تُمسك ابنك وحيدك عني.‏›‏ تكوين ٢١:‏١-‏٧؛‏ ٢٢:‏١-‏١٨‏
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  • 19 August

    Synod 2018

    Lady of the Mountain - Meeting of the Maronite youth preparatory to the youth Synod- 19th August 2018
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  • 18 March

    Joseph The Patron Saint of "Happy Death"

    Did you know? Saint Joseph died in the arms or presence of Jesus and Mary as the Church has acclaimed St. Joseph as the patron of a happy death despite that Little is known factually concerning the death of St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus. HAPPY SAINT JOSEPH DAY!
  • 08 March

    Women's Day

    Tribute to every woman who strives to survive. Tribute to every woman who strives to achieve. Happy Women's Day!
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  • 08 February

    Happy Saint Maron's Day

    On this special day, WPF Family wishes Mr. Maroun Helou prosperity, wealth & health and continuous success.
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