Care Assistant Program - November 2017

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HELP US SPREAD THE WORD… We are recruiting 40 candidates to become professional Aide Soignant for the Care Assistant Program (CAP), based on the partnership between the World Patriarchal Maronite Foundation for Integral Development (WPF) and the Hotel Dieu de France (HDF); an opportunity to support job seekers looking for a stable yet Respectful job.

The CAP program is expected to train candidates of specific age (20 to 45) and condition (no need for Educational degree) to become professional Aide Soignant. The training is for 3 Months, it will support the selected candidates to get the required skills and be enrolled at HDF hospital. 

The Open Day for the CAP is on January 5th 2018 at WPF Offices. You are welcome to visit us and ask for the information you need.

Conditions to apply:
  • Age 20 and 50 years of age, with or without Bachelor degree
  • Good understanding and writing of 2 languages mainly Arabic and French or English,
  • Proven Good Health Record
  • No demonstrated back pains
  • No medication requested
  • No demonstrated chronic disease

Required documents:
  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of family record
  • Copy of criminal record
  • Full medical report